Where To Put The DJ During Your Event?

Where To Put The DJ During Your Event?

How to plan your wedding with the best seating arrangement !

Where To Put The DJ During Your Event – CRUCIAL INFORMATION


This is Andrew Lindley with the Supreme DJ’s, and I’m just here dropping some CRUCIAL information today you for next event!


We all know the Seating arrangement is important. And while your creating you seating arrangement there Is a SUPER IMPORTANT step you don’t want to miss. You have to figure out who will sit close to the dj, and who you need away from the DJ. You’ve invited all your people,  friends, family, and the room Is quickly shrinking, so you just start putting whoever – where ever.

This is NOT a good idea!!!!!

Our DJ setup space quickly starts shrinking as well, and we need to set up our speakers.

They control everything. You’re toasts, speeches, grand entrances and music for dancing. Later on in the night it’s not that important, but for all of dinner, this is crucial.

A everyone is taking their seats, we find out that grandma is in front of the speaker. HUGE FOUL. Before the salad is served, she starts complaining that it’s too loud, please turn it down. Of course we have to oblige her, And now everyone suffers during dinner as no one can hear the music

When you’re working with your DJ, definitely include them  in the floor plan so you can work out BEFORE its an issue, the best positioning for them.

Think about placing all of the younger people near the DJ. They are able to interact with the DJ, talk, request all night and considering they will be you’re main source of a dancing crowd, it’s great to build up that interaction first! Make them feel comfortable so they are ready for the dance floor as soon as it opens!

Grandma is definitely important, but you want to put her off to the back or middle so she’s not getting blasted by the music during dinner. She’s not going to be out there twerking all night – hopefully, I’ve definitely seen some crazier things !

Most of the time, they won’t be out there dancing all night, the older crowd is much more interested in talking with family and catching up with everyone, so please just seat them somewhere further away.

Allows us to turn up the music, lets the sound fill out thru the whole room so everyone can hear it. If not, it’ll be an extremely quiet dinner.

I’m Andrew Lindley, with the Supreme DJs, and if your in the GTA or Barrie area and are looking to take your event to the next level, give us a shout! SupremeDJs.ca or shoot me an email directly at Drew@SupremeDJs.ca

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