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A little DJ story about how we got started!


DJ Story The Story of How Supreme DJ’s Came To Be So I recently did a video shoot, and wrote a little script. After showing some people, they all told me I needed to tell everyone! So here’s a little

Where To Put The DJ During Your Event?


Where To Put The DJ During Your Event? How to plan your wedding with the best seating arrangement ! Where To Put The DJ During Your Event – CRUCIAL INFORMATION   This is Andrew Lindley with the Supreme DJ’s, and

10 Secrets To An Epic Wedding Reception


10 Secrets To An Epic Wedding Reception     After months of planning, your wedding day arrives and seems to fly by in the blink of an eye.  This is why it’s so important for you to live in the

Live From The Club 002 ! Live DJ Mixtape From The Boathouse In Midland !


                    Live dj mixtape from the Club number 2!  A lot of latin, Moombahton, mash up’s and remix fire ! Tune in and turn up!  Got that Blanco Brown KILLER, some

Live From The Club 001 ! Live DJ Mix From The Boathouse In Midland !


                  Okkkkkkk ! Got some fresh heat for you guys! This was recorded at a live DJ Mix from the Boathouse in Midland ! A nice little warm up session.  Got some

Why to get a GOOD DJ?


Why to get a GOOD DJ?   I have heard this story, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER………………………….. It’s a month before your wedding, everything is going great, and than you go to reach out to your DJ…. No

5 Tips To Keep Your Event Flowing Flawlessly!


Why it is SO important to create a FLOW for your event…. 5 Tips to keep your Event Flowing -FLAWLESSLY- I remember my first try at running and managing my own event.I created this guide to help you get started Presents – This Weeks Fire 010 DJ Mixtape

supre112Uncategorized for free downloads and dj mixes Got this weeks fire up ! And it’s piping hot. Brand brand new music only. Professionally DJ mixed. A bunch of the new Ed Sheeren, like come on, probably the best Presents – This Weeks Fire 009

adminUncategorized Summer is in full effect! Bringing some BRAND NEW hip hop. A ton of Toronto artists in this one. Hip hop is back so make sure you bang this out LOUD. Eminem, G Eazy, Tory Lanez, DJ Khaled and

Supreme DJ’s Presents – This Weeks Fire 008 – Dancehall Soca Reggaeton – Long Weekend Edition!


This week we are taking it back to the roots! Pure #dancehall , #reggae , #reggaeton , #soca and island vibes! Just tunes after tunes. We went forever!!! With this one, but stay tuned the whole way because it’s a