Done For You Live Stream Services

What Are Live Streams?

Are you having trouble getting your message out there to your audience right now?

Live streams are an easy way you for to get your message across, to all of your friends and connections on an online platform.

Live streams are not just for video games! 

They are a way to create connection in a time like this.

We can stream you across various platforms like Facebook, Facebook Live, YouTube, and more.

There are a lot of Do’s and Don’ts to live streaming if you want to be taken seriously.

We can provide a private Zoom meeting room as well, free of charge!

With no time limits or constrictions.

We mainly do live streams Barrie, but can definitely travel in and around the area! 

Contact us now to book your live streaming in Barrie session! 


Done For You Live Streams

Do you have a big event, or huge announcement that you need to get out right now but don’t know how to live stream?

We can provide everything you need to run a livestream for your business or event, all you need to do is provide is the wifi.

We can stream your event to your YouTube or Facebook account, along with a private Zoom room for all of your attendee’s.

Contact us now to book a live streaming in Barrie session! 


Setup a live stream at your home or office

Just want to get setup for constant livestreaming?

We can teach you how to create your own live streams.

Everything needed equipment wise, and the tech !

This is seemingly becoming the normal, so this is something you will eventually have to do.

Don’t have a boring messy background, set yourself up for streaming success.

We are located in Barrie, ON, but can travel to many nearby cities like  Toronto, Newmarket, Muskoka, and Orillia.

Some of our Live Streams! 

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