Who We Are – And What We Do ! Supreme DJs Barrie DJ Service

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Who We Are – And What We Do! DJs Barrie


Supreme DJ’s –  Barrie’s ELITE DJ Service


Ever wonder why some people do what the do? Let me tell you a little story.



Who we are, and WHAT WE DO. DJs Barrie

Ever had to make a change in your life that was so far out of your comfort zone ?
When you have that one moment where everything changed ?

That was the feeling when I retired from my day job and started the Supreme DJs Barrie.

It was crazy and scary, but normally that is the way, and became one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Dedicating all of the time our clients need to find out exactly what they want, and how we can provide that service to them.

We understand what goes thru our clients heads when they need to spend A LOT of money on their event and we take that seriously.

We take any expectations you have for a Barrie DJ service and flip it on its head!

Taking the utmost care for all of our clients is something we are truly proud of. Creating experiences that will last a life time that nobody can forget.

Never have guests leaving early, as soon as dinner is over they start looking for the door, this is NOT what we are about.

We will be there till the last minute and have everybody cheering for me.

Smashing the current standard and ensuring you and ALL of your guests have an amazing night.






Venue – Liberty North Banquet Halls

Filmed live and on Location from the Liberty North – Banquet Halls in Barrie, ON

One of our favorite venue’s in town to play at! Their food is AMAZING, staff is so helpful and kind, definitely a MUST SEE when looking for a venue in Barrie!