Lighting Rental Barrie

Lighting Rental:

Supreme DJ’s is one of the top rated DJ service’s in Barrie for a reason.

We show up with amazing DJ’s, and an awesome light show.

Transform any room from ‘blah’ to “WOW!!!” in minutes with some of our amazing lighting options.

Want to change the colour of the entire room to match your decor? Ask us about uplighting.

Want the room dark, but the cake and the table toppers lit up and become show pieces? Ask us about pin spot lighting.

Are you looking for all of your guests to jump up on the dance floor, as soon as the house lights go down and the dance floor comes alive?

We are proud to say we are not just the average disc jockey service, we are an all in one – one stop shop for creating memories. And there is a reason for that.

Supreme DJ’s will never just ‘show up and play music’ like the average disc jockey Barrie.

We create a mood, an atmosphere, and most importantly an experience that your guests will never forget.

There are honestly SOOOO many options when it comes to lighting your event, shoot us an email and find out what specifically you are trying to accomplish, and we will figure out the best and most cost effective way to get there.



Why get lighting for my event?

A lot of people ask me why to get lighting? They think it’s just an add on to spend more money.

But it’s A LOT more than that.

Lighting can make or break your event.

Nobody want’s to dance in a house light room, where everyone can clearly see everyone else.

When there are colors flashing, bouncing off  the fog, people are much more inclined to get up and dance.

Unfortunately these days it’s pretty necessary if you want a next level experience.



Contact us now to find out how we can take your next event to the next level!