Karaoke at Supreme DJs

We can provide EVERYTHING needed to run karaoke at your event. Projectors, mics, and especially the music.

Every event we have ever had has been a gigantic success. Everyone has a BLAST. Normally ends up with people fighting over the microphone instead of the opposite !

The way we run it is a little different, and super engaging, drawing people in and letting them know they are here for fun! Crushing any fears they might have on stepping up to give it their shot. Fun for people of ALL ages! 🙂

Video’s coming soon!


Setup At Horseshoe Tavern
We’re setup for an event at horseshoe tavern in Barrie!
Karaoke Setup
Britt Running The event at Blue Mountain!
Our Gear
Girl running a karaoke Setup
Setup at Blue Mountain! Britt is already having a blast !
Group of singers
A group having a blast with karaoke!

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