How To Book A DJ

How To Book A DJ For Your Event!

What kind of event is it?

This is one of the biggest questions I constantly get asked.

“How do I pick the right DJ for my event????”

This is a seriously GIANT question.

It’s very important to pick a DJ that matches you and your style, or the consequences could be dire….

If you are looking for a party noone will ever forget, you might not want to just hire the run of the mill DJ company.

Alot of time’s, they will just hire out anybody and teach them how to DJ over a couple of months.

This is a really big problem in the industry, because that means a guy who just learned how to hit a play and pause button, is going to be covering potentially one of the biggest days of your life.

We have to start by assessing what kind of event it is, and going from there.

Is it a wedding? You will want to find a wedding DJ who has played MANY events. This is NOT the time to ever bring in a new DJ.
What happens if they play the wrong song for your intro?
What happens if they didn’t bother to download any of the music you wanted?
What if they just want to play the playlist they have always played and that’s it?

Is it a corporate event? You will want a corporate DJ who knows the do’s and don’ts of the music to play.
I have heard far to many times of a DJ getting wasted at a holiday party, and playing music that none of the employee’s even knew….
I’ll just say,  it DID NOT go over well with management.

Once you have figured out the TYPE of event, now you have to figure out the right DJ.

What DJ is right for me?

This next portion is probably the most important.

What kind of music do YOU like, what kind of party are YOU looking to have?
This will dictate what kind of DJ you should be hiring.

At Supreme DJs Barrie Ontario, we are ALL club DJs.

We know how to mix, and we know how to throw a party.

Whether its a corporate DJ or a wedding DJ, we have been there DONE THAT!

We understand how an event should flow, and we understand what it means to be there.

How special these event’s are and that your event is the most important thing to YOU.

We want to make sure every moment is perfect, and that it is a completely stress free event.

If you are looking for laid back, background music, WE ARE NOT THE DJs FOR YOU!

The type of music at your event

Thirdly, the type of music you like is insanely important to.

We ask for as much requests as possible so we can really get in tune with the music you want.

If your wedding DJ isn’t asking for a request list, that is a VERY BAD SIGN.

It show’s that they are stuck in their ways and want to DJ the way they always have.

It’s 2021, we care so much about our clients that we make sure the music is perfect.

Any special event’s will be sure to get their own special song,

And we will play every request you ask for….


Hiring a DJ for your event truly is one of the most important pieces to your event, because music fuels emotion.

It is the connection between you and your guests when you don’t have all the time to talk.

When you dance on the dancefloor with all of your friends around you,

We create parties and experiences!