The Top Wedding Trends for 2020

wedding trends

Top Wedding Trends for 2020 Want to make sure you are on the cutting edge with the top wedding trends for 2020 ? January marked the beginning of a new year, new decade, and new style of wedding. And we’ve never been more excited! As couples begin planning their perfect day and peak wedding season […]

Why to get a GOOD DJ?

First Dance Bride And Froom

Why to get a GOOD DJ?   I have heard this story, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER………………………….. It’s a month before your wedding, everything is going great, and than you go to reach out to your DJ…. No response… Try again a few day’s later, no response. Eventually IF you get a response, […]

Barrie’s Winter Wedding Ring Expo

We had a great time for our first time out at The Wedding Ring Expo #twrexpo! Over 186 Brides showed up to see all of the venues. I was blown away by the turn out.  This is a great way for new brides to get an idea of just how many options there are out […]